What AdSense is? If you have created a website and you want to earn form it, google AdSense approval is the best way of monetization. And it is pretty much easy to get AdSense approved on your website. All that matters is that you are providing unique content for you traffic. Many of the people who create new websites, wish to have AdSense approved on it, they should keep an aim just to bring some new and innovative things for their traffic, despite of creating a website just for getting AdSense approved.

Following are some steps mentioned, which you can follow to get AdSense approval:

  1. Unique Content:

 While talking about the quality, you must have completely 100% unique content for your traffic, which includes posts, pages and images. Google gives approval to only those sites, which are giving something innovative and non plagiarized content for their audience. So uploading unique articles is a must.

  • Number of Articles:

 We recommend you to keep on adding unique articles on alternate days related to your niche on different topics. This shows that you keep your site up to date and keeps on adding content on the trending topics, by doing so you can also engage traffic and audience for a longer period of time.

  • Word Count in Articles:

You must keep the word count of your articles around 700, this is a healthy word count, an article of this much words does not bore the audience and fulfill one of the requirements for google AdSense as well.

  • Keep good navigation: The landing page must have a good navigation, the things must not be mumbled up. Everything like footer, header and slider must be intact and viewable easily. Size of logo and written text must be maintained in a good manner by keeping in view the mobile interface of the websites landing pages as well. Never over load has your landing page arranged the categories and pages in a proper way in the header and footer respectively.
  • Remove Errors:

In some cases, when we open up some page error 404 pops up, which leaves a very bad impression and becomes difficult to get approval, do check every page and post after applying for AdSense. Such types of errors might occur due to non-presence of the link in that page or post, you must fix it from WordPress or customizing.

  • Recommended Plugins:

 Plugins for cookie notice and contact us can be installed. You can install your favorite interfaced plugin of your own choice from the WordPress plugins. We recommend you to install cookie notice by dr factory and contact form 7 to get approval easily.

  • Important pages:

Last and the most important step. You have to add 5 important pages for sure. These 5 pages are of about us, contact us, disclaimer, terms and conditions and privacy policy. These pages re define the terms of use and privacy concerns of your content and media. This is beneficial for your own selves and on the other hand it becomes easy after adding these pages. In the contact us page you have to add the contact form plug in and mention your email, on which you will receive the concerns of your website audience. In the about us page you will add a summary of your website, so that one can have an idea, that what is your website about and what your niche is. In privacy policy you have to mention the privacy points and the violations to avoid from. Somewhat same goes in terms and conditions and disclaimer.

     Wrapping it all up:

AdSense is the best monetization in the world, as it offers the best CPC, cost per click. So everyone want it to get approved. Follow the above mentioned each step and remember uniqueness and good navigation is the main key to get approval. Do add articles even after applying for AdSense and don’t forget to index them manually in google search console.



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