Before knowing the importance of landing pages we need to know what the landing page actually is. A landing page is the home page or you can say the first page of any website. When traffic arrives at your site the very first impression goes from the landing page of your website. As the first impression is the last impression. Either you have a blogging site or have an eCommerce store or operating an amazon affiliate store, you must keep your landing page up to date and make it as attractive as you can. If you will not make your landing page attractive the bounce rate of the website will increase, which will leave a bad impact on your website analytics. Bounce rate is when traffic comes to your website and leaves it instantly, this happens only due to the unattractive landing page.  

Following are some tips and tricks by which you can make your landing page attractive: 

  1. Add Social Media Pages: 

 Social media pages are a great proof of your presence and bring more trustability factor to your traffic. Your social media presence keeps your audience intact with you for the long term. If you are having an eCommerce store, traffic might visit your social media pages for better viewing of products and descriptions and will come back to your site for placing orders. In this way, the traffic will stay on your site for a longer time which will increase the analytics as well. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages links must be added for a good impression. Try to keep social media pages in the footer so that they are prominent.  

  1. Improved Navigation: 

 What navigation is? It includes the placement of the footer and header, the slider, and the logo. Navigation can be made better by arranging the things in a proper format in the header and footer. You can add the categories of your articles in the header in case of a blogging site or if you have an eCommerce store you can add categories of products in the header. The logo can be placed preferably on the top left corner or in the middle. Whereas in the footer you can add the pages of about us, privacy policy, and contact us. Social media pages can be arranged either in the header or in the footer as per your preference. In the slider, you can simply add your recent posts, the calendar, clock and you can insert the google ads there in the slider, so that the traffic may not get disturbed due to them.  

  1. Make it Mobile Friendly: 

A website landing page interface varies in the laptop, tablet, and mobile phones. As nowadays more the 30% of web activities are done through mobile phones, so do check the mobile interface before finalizing your landing page. It must be user friendly, which should be easy to navigate, website speed optimized, and ultra-clickable. You can a side menu in the mobile version which can take the user to the footer pages, this way the mobile interface will become compact and easy to use.  

  1. Use Elementor Pro: Elementor Pro is a plug-in that is recommended for you. With a one-time investment, you can edit your website very easily. It is available at easy rates $49 for a single website, $99 for 3 websites, and in $199 for unlimited websites. Why elementor pro? It can help you to optimize your website completely as per your choice, no matter which theme you are using you can do all the changes you want to make it more attractive. There are various templates and blocks that integrate the pro widgets so you can create featuring slides, animated headlines, forms, and other important features. In addition, this gives you the feature of adding contact forms without the installation of excessive plug-ins, as a result, the speed of your site will not decrease.  

Wrapping it all up: 

Bounce rate has a massive negative impact on your site, so to reduce it you must create an attractive and eye-catching landing page, so that the interest of traffic may increase, they like the color combination and navigation, the more user-friendly the landing page will be higher will be the chances that people will move on to further pages of the website. 



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