why should I have the legal business document have complete immediately? before starting I business journey website, promoting like big company as amazon, the target here the answer is going to save so much money in the long-term if u want to build wealth to your company to inquire asset that produces more cash flows disclaimer I am not a lawyer or tax professional or financial adviser this is experiences when not having my proper documentation and the great we can get so many benefits when starting your own business wanted to use this time to remind you that there is a lot that can be done right now.

what will be cost-effective for a new entrepreneur? the platform made so easy order get does document done u can go to the IRS website but I use LegalZoom for me was no brainer have so amazing feature as installment payment plans, express service and so much more available to us that we need get all your paperwork done for u as agent keep in mind is cost effect and tax write off this concern a business expense they did all the work for u like researcher, calls while working 9-5 to bring capital for your business do this sound like u ?

this, u make inform a decision as to why u want to start today!!!

may I ask u couple questions?

what is name have u picked for your business niche?

Niche means to me what industry u want to sell is highed clothing like Gucci, makeup, digital products,etc

why may u ask when u start brand people will remember that brand when they see your and any update I recommended choose wisely when choosing what to sell then later on u will add other products or u might want to change your niche so is best to get 2 websites


The Document That U Will Need

  • LLC, C corporation B corporation
  • Ein Number 
  • DBA
What does LLC mean? Limited liability means that its owners, also called members, are usually not personally responsible for the LLC’s debts and lawsuits. If an LLC files for bankruptcy, the members do not have to use personal money to pay the company’s debts. If the LLC faces a lawsuit, the members do not risk losing their home to cover a settlement. 




is a legal business document term that is used to distinguish this type of entity from others, as its profits are taxed separately from its owners under subchapter C of the Internal Revenue Code. In an S corporation, the profits are passed on to the shareholders, and are taxed based on personal returns.

what is S corporation ? 

S corporation advantages include: Protected assets. An S corporation protects the personal assets of its shareholders. Absent an express personal guarantee, a shareholder does not have personal liability for the legal business document debts and liabilities of the corporation.



Now that u have decided how u want to run the future of your business and see the benefits

get your EIN number to make sure that your EIN number is attached to your business because a lot of people want to get there Ein first and think they running a business that legitime to your all paper your work I Called it the new business social security number!!!!

get your (DBA)immediately of course there fee

what does DBA mean?

  • Doing business as (DBA) is a term that is used in today’s business industry in regards to the and formal actions that are taken by a particular company. Doing business as means that the company is working under a fictitious name, concealing its true identity.

why I should have DBA?? 
A fictitious business name or “doing business as,” also known as a DBA, gives business owners an inexpensive method of gaining the legal right to operate in a name other than their own. It protects the public, and it extends legal protections and privileges to business owners. 

It is the largest Small Business Administration lender for SBA loans and has more branches than any other bank in the United States. Wells Fargo offers four different business checking accounts. … If your small businesses use a lot of cash, Wells Fargo is one of your best options. 

Bussiness Credit 

  • Any loan or line of credit to a company or an individual for business purposes as opposed to personal use. … A loan or line of credit that a company extends to another in order for the second company to buy goods and services, especially those necessary to conduct its operations.

why use your business credit when u runing business
Higher credit limits. Such cards typically carry credit limits of $50,000 or more, making it much easier to make major business purchases that you would not be able to make using your personal credit card or cash.

Credit rating boost. …
Separate business credit. …
Business perks.


  • A trademark is a recognizable insignia, phrase, word, or symbol that denotes a specific product and legally differentiates it from all other products of its kind. A trademark exclusively identifies a product as belonging to a specific company and recognizes the company’s ownership of the brand


AT this point Well its depends in long run u should get it remember(budget)






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